giovedì 9 Giugno 2022 / ore 18:00 - 19:00
— Davines Village
Davines S.p.A., Via Calzolari Don Angelo, 55a, Parma, PR, Italia
Sezione I grandi eventi
Lara B. Aknin, professore associato di Psicologia & autore WHR
Davide Bollati, presidente Davines Group
Nadia Paleari, global partnerships & events project officer SDSN Youth
Jeffrey Sachs, presidente SDSN & autore WHR
Cristina Gabetti, giornalista e consulente per la sostenibilità
Defining happiness and measuring it may seem an impossible task to accomplish. However, for the last 10 years world-renowned scholars have been succeeding in it, making well-being and happiness a science to be studied and analyzed with data in an annual report: the World Happiness Report. It is not only about ranking the happiest countries in the world; it is about exploring the many factors influencing well-being around the world, in different cultures, age groups, and time periods. How have the concepts of happiness and well-being evolved in time? Does the perception of happiness change with age? What’s the link between well-being and sustainability? These questions will be the starting point of an insightful discussion to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the World Happiness Report, where experts on happiness, enterpreneurs, and youth representatives will explore well-being from different angles, with an eye on the future. We will start with a deep dive into the evolution of happiness through the data collected in years, followed by a focus on Italy’s performance. We will provide a wider, global perspective on happiness in the light of recent international events. We will explain why and how the road leading to happiness passes through sustainability, also for companies. To conclude, the torch will be passed on to the new generations, for an exclusive insight on well-being by young people and their expectations for a happier future.